2020 Event Cancelled

Please read why below

Buses Nowhere Near the Arch


The Midwest Premier VW Camping Event Labor Day Weekend

After agonizing about hosting and holding the upcoming 35th "Buses Nowhere Near The Arch" camping weekend, and after careful consideration the time has come to cancel the 2020 BNNTA event this year due to the Covid-19 situation and start to plan to hold it again in Sept of 2021.   I like many had hoped that with the recent opening up of our economy that conditions were starting to return to something approaching normal, and that I in good conscience would be able to host the event safely for all of you.  But in recent weeks it has become clear that this will probably not be the case. Covid-19 is a serious, even deadly disease, and cases appear to be on the rise again as the BNNTA event date approaches.

Proper hygiene, the wearing of protective masks and in particular safe and proper social distancing are the best defence against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  I can't be everywhere during the event to try to enforce them.  And while we have toilet, shower and washing facilities at the BNNTA campsite, they are serviced by the park once a day.  Even if we could invest in more frequent bathroom cleanings, I feel we simply cannot meet the minimum safety requirements for keeping our VW friends and our families safe.  And if regional Covid-19 conditions were to get worse in the coming weeks I can not rule out that the Park might suddenly make a facility closure mandatory, sealing this year's event's fate at even shorter notice.  So it is with a heavy heart and in the interest of everyone's continued safety I have decided to cancel this year's BNNTA #35 event.
We hope that you will all understand the conditions we are all faced with and hence my decision for this year's event.  

Please pass the word around to your VW friends who might not see this message about this year's event cancelation.  And please take great care of yourself, your families and each other, as we want so much to see you all again at the resumption of the BNNTA#35 event next Labor day weekend in 2021!

September 4th thru 7th, 2020 
LOCATION: in the "group use" campground in the
Indian Creek Recreational Area, on Mark Twain Lake,
30 Miles West of
Hannibal, MO
CONTACT: Bill Bowman
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